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Howie Mandel
Dean Martin
Sharon Gless
Drew Barrymore
Donny & Marie Osmond
Hugh Hefner
Henry Winkler
Michelle Lee

Jim Burrows (Producer)
Marcus Allen
Chynna Philips
Tom Cruise
Jamie Lee Curtis 
Danny DeVito
Rhea Pearlman
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Sharon Gless
Cheryl Ladd
Soul Man Wrap Party
Ali McGraw

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Press Cuttings...


Elmer Dills


"Rick Royce's BBQ is L.A.'s best kept secret.

Charles Perry

"Good and meaty! Eats fine with no sauce at all!"

Rick Dees
Kiss FM Radio

"..these ribs are smoked to perfection, they are very tender - They are the best!." (KIIS FM Radio)

Buzz Magazine

"Rated one of the top 25 caterers in L.A."

Merrill Shindler

"Legendary BBQ! The premiere BBQ caterer in Southern California!"

Michelle Huneven
L.A. Times

"Each bite involves a moment of resistance; then there's almost a snapping sensation, and a burst of juice, and your mouth is filled with smoke infused pork.  Quite a pleasure!"

Larry Lipson
Daily News

"The Rolls Royce of BBQ!"

Hollywood Reporter

"Rated one of L.A.'s top party planners."